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About Secured Leasing

The Company
Secured Leasing, Inc. is a financial services company specializing in the leasing of technology equipment. We were founded in 1992 with a commitment to outstanding customer service. We approach each deal with a focus on the long-term needs of our customers. We place a special emphasis on flexibility and customization. Our highest priority is retaining the loyalty of our customers and achieving growth by helping our customers grow.

The Evolution of Technology Equipment Leasing
Secured Leasing has changed over the years to better accommodate the needs of our customers during the rapid growth in the technology equipment market. From an early specialization in IBM AS400 servers, the scope of our leases has expanded to include most equipment categories. Our leases run the spectrum from high-end Sun, IBM and HP servers to desktop and laptop computers from a variety of manufacturers. We also finance telecommunications and networking equipment.

Why Choose Secured Leasing?

  • Competitive Pricing - Secured Leasing is an innovative and efficient company that passes its savings on to the customer.
  • Equipment Independence - Secured Leasing is a major independent lessor without any restrictions or equipment bias. We ensure that our customers are able to select the best combination of equipment that suits their needs.
  • Our Team - Our top managers each have decades of experience in the technology finance industry. Their experience and industry contacts ensure that our customers will get the best possible solution with each lease.
  • Industry Reputation - Secured Leasing has built its reputation one customer at a time. Our roll of customers includes Fortune 500 companies as well as thriving regional companies that have been with us since the beginning.