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Value Added Leasing

Lease Ownership
Secured Leasing does not sell off leases. Retaining ownership enables us to provide our customers with the flexibility to take advantage of new technologies at any time during the lease term. We do not have a third party inhibiting our ability to restructure terms and conditions for our customers at any time during the lease.

Equipment Independence
As a major independent lessor, Secured Leasing does not have an equipment bias, therefore providing our customers with the freedom to select the best equipment to meet their needs. Secured Leasing can offer greater flexibility during the lease to add, upgrade or change equipment and to select the best equipment whether new or used, even if there is a need to change to the equipment of another vendor.

Administrative Expertise
Each Secured Leasing account is assigned an account manager to minimize the customer's administrative burden during the lease term. The account manager is dedicated to keeping the paperwork precise and creating the communication links between Secured Leasing, the customer and suppliers. We make it easy and efficient for our customers to do business with us.

With the rapid improvements in technology, there is a great demand for companies to change or upgrade equipment. Secured Leasing's customers have the ability to take advantage of newly introduced products or change equipment at their convenience, regardless of vendor. Our customers regularly exercise this flexibility; equipment is upgraded or changed during the lease in the majority of Secured Leasing leases.

Total System Solutions
We work with our customers to simplify the acquisition of equipment. Equipment, software, maintenance, installation and services can all be packaged into one of our leases.

Relationship-Based Business
At Secured Leasing, we believe that leasing is a relationship business and this it is also a process, not an event, built on trust and impeccable long-term service. Leasing is a partnership with our customers, with our vendors and with our financial institutions, linked by Secured Leasing's quality and knowledgeable people. By forming partnerships, we can develop the best technological and financial solutions tailored to our customer's unique requirements.

The Value Added Leasing approach is an extension of Secured Leasing's focus on customer service. It impacts every aspect of our organization. In finance, we structure transactions to maximize flexibility while providing competitive rates. In administration, we zealously respond to our customer's needs. In sales, we build confidence through creativity, hard work and continuity.

Secured Leasing's comprehensive and flexible Value Added Leasing program enables our customers to expand, produce and prosper.