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Vendor Financing

Leasing Helps You Increase Business
Leasing means buying more and sooner. The customer can add a lot of product for very little money. The leased product becomes a cash machine for your customer from the first month. Immediate payback means extra cash now.

Leasing Makes Your Offer Even Stronger

  • By quoting a lease, you give your customer another option and another way you can service their needs.
  • Leasing allows customers to acquire the equipment they need while preserving existing credit lines for other business expenses.
  • Leasing offers flexibility of terms to meet budgets (24 through 60 months).
  • A lease can include "soft costs" that are typically non-financeable, eliminating the need for upfront cash outlays.
  • You may close a lease faster than a purchase.

Leasing Gives You More Control Over Your Customer Base

  • Leasing offers attractive options to upgrade and add on equipment, providing you with additional opportunities to do business during the course of the lease.
  • When a lease expires, you have an opportunity to lease new equipment. Since you have this information in advance, you can protect and manage your customer base.
  • Leasing can be used as a tool to contact prospects and do business with competitive accounts.

An Outsourced Leasing Program Offers a Cost-Effective Alternative

  • An outsource leasing program eliminates the need to create and/or maintain your back room infrastructure.
  • Outsourced billing and collections processes optimizes your cash flow without compromising quality service.
  • Documentation is designed and maintained to satisfy legal, operational, and compliance requirements.
  • Customized portfolio management can enhance your leasing program to improve your product offerings and increase your profits.
  • An outsourced leasing program reduces administrative and documentation time, allowing your lenders to focus on customer relationship management.